About Foundations

The Omenaa Foundation is a charitable NGO originated by Omenaa Mensah who remains its good spirit. The Foundation’s key field of activity is supporting education in its broadest sense. We support street children in Africa who do not have access to education, but we also help the most needy children in Poland, e.g. we provide IT equipment for children from orphanages and foster families, because the lack of such equipment not only limits horizons and makes learning difficult, but often also makes it impossible e.g. in the case of distance learning.

OMENAA MENSAH is the founder and President of the Omenaa Foundation. She is an enterprising businesswoman (Ambassador of FORBES WOMEN POLAND), producer of popular TV shows (i.e.: Exceptional Houses /Pl. Wyjątkowe domy/), one of the most charismatic TV personalities in Poland, but first of all she is a philanthropist and a woman with a big heart.

The main pillars of the Foundation’s activity are built on the values underlying a modern and well-off society. Each of the values was born in Omenaa’s heart as a result of her life experiences and today they define the Foundation’s lines of activity. They are: Education, Tolerance and Cooperation.

RiO Vibe Centrum is another “child” of the Foundation – it helps children from Polish orphanages and war refugees from Ukraine free of charge in the field of: psychological support, social skills training and psychoeducational workshops.

Inaugurated in 2022, the Rafał Brzoska Foundation steadfastly champions the aspirations of talented young individuals. The year 2023 saw the addition of 22 new scholars to our existing group of 28, marking yet another milestone in our journey of empowerment. This year we have started another recruitment of the next outstanding individuals. To date, our founder Rafał Brzoska has generously contributed over 6 million PLN towards their educational endeavours. Our scholars, dispersed globally, are pursuing academic excellence at prestigious universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Berkeley, and New York University. Despite geographical distances, they maintain a close-knit community. In 2024, this vibrant group came together to launch the BUDDY programme, through which they devised educational initiatives for the Omenaa Foundation’s wards. The shared commitment to philanthropy underpins the ethos of our foundations, rendering this collaboration a source of immense pride and collective achievement.

The aim of the Grand Charity Auction is to support those in greatest need, encourage business development, and foster entrepreneurship, while also building a community of dedicated philanthropists working together. To increase their impact, Omenaa Mensah and Rafał Brzoska established the Philanthropic Consortium in 2023. Thirty percent of the funds raised during the auction, nearly 6 million PLN, were allocated to the budget of this new aid initiative. In its first year, the Consortium supported over 30 projects from various foundations, focusing on education, health, and aid for those affected by the war in Ukraine. Our assistance has already reached more than 10,000 beneficiaries!

For the tenure of 2023/2024, the Council comprises notable members including Sylwia Dobrzycka, serving as the Chairwoman of the Philanthropic Consortium; Omenaa Mensah, the driving force behind the Consortium, President of the Omenaa Foundation, and Vice President of the Rafał Brzoska Foundation; alongside esteemed business representatives and philanthropists such as Magda Ciszewska, Marta Dejneka, Beata Drzazga, Marzena Maj, Rafał Sonik, and Wojciech Kostrzewa – a respected independent expert and business organisation representative.

The foundation distinguishes itself as a trailblazer in the realisation of innovative artistic ventures across Poland and Europe. The inception of the OmenaArt Foundation was driven by the personal passions of its founder, Omenaa Mensah – a fervent aficionado of architecture, design, and a seasoned art collector. The foundation is deeply committed to philanthropic pursuits, notably in championing emerging artists, supporting cultural institutions, and organising the Grand Charity Auction TOP CHARITY – one of the most esteemed events in the region, marrying the high-calibre contemporary art with philanthropy on a grand scale.

The OmenaArt Foundation is curating an art collection and plays a pivotal role in the preservation and revitalisation of historical buildings within Poland, Italy, and Malta. Among its notable accomplishments is the organisation of a thematic pavilion at maltabiennale.art 2024 and the collaborative effort in establishing the LuginsLand of Art, a new artistic hub situated in Malta.