Philanthropic Consortium

We aspire to broaden our outreach and establish systematic collaboration with foundations, the representatives of which will be attending the finale of the “TOP CHARITY” Grand Charity Auction on June 3rd. They are also members of Corporate Connections or other business organisations that support our vision of the world and are actively involved in assisting those in need. These individuals are close and active allies of the Omenaa Foundation.
The Grand Charity Auction is fundamentally about raising funds for aid projects. This is made possible through efficient organisation and intelligent merging of the business and art worlds. However, it is primarily due to people who are empathetic towards the plight of others and do not remain indifferent to the difficulties often faced by those in dramatic situations.
Traditionally, funds raised during the event were designated to partially support educational aid programmes run by the Omenaa Foundation. These include providing assistance to children of the streets in Ghana, supporting education and therapy for children in Polish orphanages, and running a support centre for women and children from Ukraine – the RiO Edu Centre.
Furthermore, the organisers intended to allocate a portion of the funds towards a cause requiring special attention at any given time. In 2022, in response to the ongoing war in Ukraine, over half of the collected funds were donated to assist our neighbours across the eastern border.

Choosing the cause for this year required in-depth consideration. Regrettably, the war in Ukraine continues. We understand that our aid is still much needed there, so we are not ceasing our efforts in Ukraine. Nonetheless, we also wish to extend our activities to other areas, recognising the vast needs that exist. Yet, we cannot do this alone. That’s why we decided to establish the Philanthropic Consortium. This will allow us, individuals of action, to pool our knowledge and resources to mutually support each other. We invite all those who are committed to the mission of providing help to join this initiative.
From our side, we pledge to donate 30% of the proceeds gathered during the auction at the Grand Charity Auction 2023 to the projects of individual foundations. These foundations primarily operate in the fields of education and health, and their representatives will be joining us at the gala on June 3rd, actively engaging in philanthropic activities.

We’re proud to already have the Siepomaga Foundation ( as a partner in our initiative. Together, we are planning to organise the inaugural “Top Charity” Grand Lottery. All income from the lottery will be channelled to the newly established Philanthropic Consortium.
We cordially invite you to join this initiative. Let’s show solidarity in our collective action for others. Let’s build an active civil society. Let’s prove that we can be stronger and better, but only when we extend this strength and goodness to others. Remember, goodness always comes back around!

We’re treating the first edition of the Philanthropic Consortium project as a pilot, as we are still learning its principles and perfecting the format. Depending on the number of foundations involved and the funds raised, projects that require support will be discussed by the Consortium Board and directed towards implementation. We also hope to support a significant special project.

The Philanthropic Consortium Board members for 2023/4 are:

  • Omenaa Mensah – President of Omenaa Foundation, Chair
  • Rafał Sonik – Entrepreneur actively involved in philanthropic projects
  • Magda Ciszewska – Entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Marta Dejneka – Entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Marzena Maj – Entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Sylwia Dobrzycka – Entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Beata Drzazga – Entrepreneur and philanthropist
  • Wojciech Kostrzewa – Independent expert and member and representative of various business organisations
  • Top Charity 2023 winners – Małgorzata Adamkiewicz, Dariusz Gałęzewski, Piotr Krupa and Sylwia Krupa, Jerzy Krzanowski and Ryszard Chmura, Corporate Connections representative – advisors supporting the Board in its decision-making process.

Who can join the Consortium and how to submit grant applications?

  • Foundations, whose representatives are actively involved in the Grand Charity Auction Top Charity 2023 by purchasing a donation certificate, contributing to the ‘Emotion’ category, or bidding during the 2023 Auction.
  • They support Omenaa Foundation’s projects and promote the idea of the Grand Charity Auction in an engaged manner.
  • They will submit a proper application for a specific project by June 30, 2023.

Anastazja Obarczuk

Project Manager

Łukasz Dobrzyński

Junior Project Manager