2023 GCA Achievement

Amount raised during Grand Charity Auction ‘Top Charity 2023’
Omenaa Foundation, OmenaArt Foundation and Rafał Brzoska Foundation

28 573 000 PLN

Grand Charity Auction settlement and distribution of funds.

The Grand Charity Auction

The Grand Charity Auction is Poland’s largest and most prestigious charitable event, dedicated to supporting the education of children from Polish orphanages, Ukrainian youngsters, and children of the streets in Ghana. This noteworthy initiative was spearheaded by the Omenaa Foundation and has since attracted a distinguished array of guests, including prominent business leaders and art enthusiasts committed to championing noble causes and fostering cultural enrichment.

The highlight of the evening is the auction of Polish works of art, design, and ‘Great Emotions’ experiences. The selection of the items to be featured at the auction stems from year-round debates and collaboration among passionate art enthusiasts and esteemed experts who sit on the Auction’s Artistic Council.

Leading this council is Hanna Wróblewska – an esteemed curator and former long-term director of the National Gallery Zachęta. In her current role, Wróblewska serves as the president of the Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts Zachęta, continuing her legacy of advocating for and promoting the arts in Poland.

The Grand Charity Auction: 2023 Edition

The most prestigious charity event in Poland, bridging the world of big business with art and philanthropy. The evening’s attractions were planned with grandeur and attention to every detail. This year’s edition of GCA 2023 was a spectacular success! The Grand Auction of remarkable works of art, sculptures, paintings, luxury items of contemporary design, and attractions from the category of Great Emotions took place during the evening. The amount raised during the Grand Charity Auction “TOP CHARITY 2023” amounted to:

28 573 000 PLN

The event took place in a unique space – in the courtyard of the 17th-century Baroque Wilanów Palace, the only such facility in Poland. The organiser of the Grand Charity Auction is the Omenaa Foundation, OmenaArt Foundation along with Corporate Connection, the fastest growing organisation associating the largest entrepreneurs in Poland. For over ten months, the organisation of GCA 2023 was meticulously handled by an exceptional team of set designers and a team numbering approximately 1500 individuals.

Our Goals

Every year, all proceeds are dedicated to educating and supporting children from Ukraine and professional activation of their mothers. The event also supports initiatives that provide education to children of the streets in Ghana as well as children and youth from Polish orphanages. Since the beginning of this year, we have also been actively providing assistance in the field of psychological support, psychoeducation, motor, and social development.

The Philanthropic Consortium

This year, we have set out to expand our charity operations and develop working relationships with foundations whose founders will honour us with their presence on June 3rd, at this year’s finale of the TOP CHARITY Grand Charity Auction. As members of the Corporate Connections and other business associations, we all share and support the common mission and vision of the world. Therefore, we have decided to establish the PHILANTHROPIC CONSORTIUM!

The Grand Charity Auction aims to raise funds for aid projects by efficiently organising and intelligently combining the worlds of business and art. At its core, the success of this initiative lies in the generosity of individuals who are deeply concerned about the fate of others and are not indifferent to the struggles faced by those in often tragic circumstances. This year, we pledge to donate 30% of the funds raised during the Grand Charity Auction 2023 to the projects of individual foundations.

Supplementary Exhibitions

This year, exclusively for your enjoyment, we have curated two exceptional exhibitions as supplementary events.

MAY 9, 2023
Opening of the Grand Charity Auction Exhibition in the Orangery of the Wilanów Palace
MAY 15, 2023
Opening of Marcin Suder’s exceptional photography exhibition titled “EMOTIONAL SUBLIMATION” by the Wilanów Palace