This year, exclusively for your enjoyment, we have curated two exceptional exhibitions as supplementary events.

MAY 9, 2023

The Grand Charity Auction Exhibition will run from May 10, 2023, to June 6, 2023.

The Grand Charity Auction is a one-of-a-kind gathering that brings together renowned artists from Poland and beyond, as well as distinguished personalities from the worlds of culture and business, all united in a common cause: to extend a helping hand to those in need.

Its inspiring motto of “art for a good cause,” has taken on a literal meaning as last year’s auction saw a record-breaking sale of 16 priceless artworks for a staggering sum of 2 million 642 thousand Polish złoty, setting a new standard in the Polish auction market. Among the coveted and highly priced items were breathtaking sculptures by the likes of Tomasz Górnicki, Igor Mitoraj, and Adam Myjak, as well as stunning graphics by Wilhelm Sasnal and paintings by young artists Agata Kus and Karol Palczak. Never before had such an astronomical amount been raised during any charity auction in Poland.

Buoyed by the success of the previous year, the organizers have decided to go further and create an event that is set to be even more awe-inspiring and a real treat!

Starting from May 10th to June 12th, the Orangery Palace in Wilanów will be transformed into a wonderland of art, showcasing the very best works of Polish and international artists, including some rare collector’s pieces we have managed to acquire for the auction.

Among these treasures are the monumental sculpture of Reina Marian by the Spanish artist Manolo Valdes and works by Korean artist Chun Kwang Young. This breathtaking exhibition is curated by the renowned Polish art historian, Hanna Wróblewska, who has previously served as the commissioner of the Polonia Pavilion at the Venice Biennale and the Deputy Director for Scientific and Exhibition Affairs at the Warsaw Ghetto Museum. The entire event is being supervised by the celebrated set designer Boris Kudlička, famous for his spectacular opera productions.

Additionally, we wish to offer participation in the online auction whose finale is set to take place on June 4th, 2023, on the Artinfo.pl platform presenting a range of artworks from private collectors and institutions collaborating with us.

MAY 15, 2023


On May 30th, the exhibition will be moved to the communal space located at Klimczaka Street, near the Wilanów Commune Office in Warsaw.

Extraordinary photo exhibit titled “EMOTIONAL SUBLIMATION,” by Marcin Suder.

This moving display captures the drama of everyday life for children in Ghana, Ukraine, and Poland, presenting a thought-provoking commentary on the struggles faced by children around the world. As the photographer himself notes, the goal of this exhibition is to evoke strong emotions in the viewer and create an immersive experience that will allow visitors to better understand the issues raised by the artist and perhaps even one’s own emotions.

Marcin Suder is a photographer and photojournalist who spent many years working for the Corbis agency. During his career, he collaborated with non-governmental organizations including UNICEF, UNDP, and PAH. He produced photographic reports in more than one hundred countries, which were subsequently published in major international magazines. He is a person of exceptional sensitivity and courage, but acknowledges that one must be prepared to face risks when choosing such a profession. He stresses that his work is dedicated to people who are unable to leave their current situation and start a new life. Suder is an exceptional photographer who approaches his work with great passion. His photographs convey a deep respect for the individuals he depicts, their traditions and daily routines, as well as the beauty of the natural world.