As is customary every year, we will recognize the four most active philanthropists among the attendees at the event by presenting them with Top Charity 2023 sculpture-statuettes.

This prestigious award is granted in recognition of personal commitment, characterized by passion and unwavering dedication to those in need. In the current year, one of the laureates will be chosen by the online community, while the panel of judges, comprising Justyna Czepczyńska, Marzena Maj, Omenaa Mensah, Rafał Brzoska, Ryszard Chmura, Paweł Zielewski, Artur Czepczyński, Artur Kazieńko, Tomasz Misiak, Professor Wojciech Młynarski, Jacek Szwajcowski, and Rafał Sonik, will select the other two winners.

Justyna Czepczyńska

Marzena Maj

Omenaa Mensah

Rafał Brzoska

Ryszard Chmura

Paweł Zielewski

Artur Czepczyński

Artur Kazieńko

Tomasz Misiak

prof. Wojciech Młynarski

Jacek Szwajcowski

Rafał Sonik


The exceptional “TOP CHARITY 2023” sculpture-statuettes were designed by one of the leading sculptors of the young generation, Tomek Górnicki. They have been made with the use of recycled aluminum reclaimed from MUUD inhalers and melted down by Geomar Recycling.

The outbreak of war in Ukraine and the wonderful response of the Polish people inspired us to reward those who have been particularly involved in helping our neighbours. In 2022, together with Corporate Connections, the Association of Polish Employers of the Republic of Poland, the Polish Business Council, Lewiatan, and the Business Centre Club, we donated Ukraine…

over PLN 400 million!

Many philanthropists continue to support and personally help those in need.
And it is these noble people who will be presented with the ‘TOP CHARITY’ sculpture-statuettes – awards given during the Grand Charity Auction.